Spring is in the Air

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Spring is finally starting to show up here in Danville, Indiana! As we drive through Hendricks County we are seeing the first signs! Melting snow, people outside running, and lots of wildlife and bugs! Spring in Indiana is a huge time for wildlife to give birth as a large amount of our animals give birth from March to June. A major issue for wildlife rehabilitation is the large amount of orphaned babies. This puts a strain on our rehabbers and we always want to protect our native species. What can you do at your home to help prevent animals from creating nests with baby season on the way to prevent the need to remove them or have major cleanup after the season is over?

Preventing animals from making a nest inside your home is easier than most homeowners think! First and biggest part is to do a walk around the home. Check for the following:

  • Check around the gables and roof line for major openings

  • Check around the base of the home for major openings and smaller holes (remember mice only need a quarter sized hole to fit in)

  • Go inside your attic and look for any natural light coming in. Make sure these spots aren’t new openings. If there are signs of animals or feces/urine stop immediately and call a specialist to prevent zoonotic disease spread.

  • Inspect all vents for bends, tears and debris

  • Inspect your garage door and seal

  • Check around any decks and make sure that you have them completely sealed off from the sides.

If you notice any of these issues or are unsure on a specific issue, address immediately or call us to give you a quote.

If you would like to donate to a local rehabber, please call or text us and we will get you connected!

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