Certifications and Licensing, Why it's important!

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

One of the number ONE important things for us here at Phoenix is that we stay up to date on the latest advancements in safety and laws, not only to protect us but also you and your family! Here are a FEW of the licenses and certifications we have at this time and why they're important:

OISC (office Of Indiana state chemist) The OISC is the main headquarters of the pest world here in Indiana! They set standards, safety requirements, and conduct periodical safety inspections to make sure we at Phoenix are following those laws! This is a license that has mandatory yearly updates and required continuing education to stay in compliance! They also provide yearly training that keep us up to date with the newest and safest products available! You can request this license at any time from any of our technicians!

DNR (Department of Natural Resources) is a local organization that is run by the state of Indiana. We work closely with them to make sure our trapping and releasing is safe for the animals and environment. They have a slew of biologists, etymologists and many other trained professionals that make sure what we do helps our environment as much as possible! This is close to my heart as I am currently working on finishing my Biology Degree to help preserve our world for the next generation!

The mission of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is to protect, enhance, preserve, and wisely use natural, cultural, and recreational resources for the benefit of Indiana's citizens through professional leadership, management, and education.

To satisfy such a broad and diverse responsibility, the Department is divided into two distinct areas of responsibility: the Regulatory Management Team; and, the Land Management Team. The Regulatory Management Team consists of the Divisions of Water; Entomology and Plant Pathology; Historic Preservation and Archaeology; Reclamation; and Oil and Gas. Outdoor recreation and land management programs are housed within the Land Management Team. That unit consists of State Parks; Nature Preserves; Land Acquisition; Fish and Wildlife; Outdoor Recreation and Forestry

- The mission of the Division of Fish and Wildlife is to enrich the quality of life for present and future generations by balancing the biological, ecological, recreational, and economic benefits of Indiana’s fish, wildlife and their habitats.

NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association) NWCOA is a national trade association representing the wildlife control industry. As a membership-based, non-profit organization, we are dedicated to supporting businesses and providers of wildlife control services by providing training and education, and promoting competence, service and integrity within the wildlife damage management industry.

This group works closely with people all over the country to provide education and support as we work the best ways to provide you safe removal and cleanup of your pesky critters!

ZOONOTIC DISEASES (NWCOA) NWCOA provides an extensive class and certification on the diseases passed from animals to humans and vice versa. This class helps us not only protect you, our client, but also our technicians from bodily harm!

Certified Wildlife Control Operator (NWCOA) This class is a very extensive course that goes over safety while removing wild animals and the laws that we need to follow. It takes an in depth look at what we can do to lower costs while not skimping on quality work. This class also sets standards for the country on what should be done and when to protect our native species as well!

Bat Standards (NWCOA) This certification is two part and helps our technicians specifically with bat life cycles and habits. This class goes in depth about safety procedures, diseases, and most efficient ways to remove these critters from your home! This class also goes over the requirements that are in are in place during exclusion (removal) season to protect our endangered bat species here in Indiana! This sets standards of conduct throughout the country on safety of the animal and its habitat!

There are many more programs we work directly with to make sure we are keeping safety and regulations up to date, but my hope in you reading this list is that you gain a better knowledge of what we do here at Phoenix Pest and Wildlife Control and that not only is your need kept in mind, but also preserving our world one bat at a time!

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