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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

When Bryant first started pest control 10 years ago, he never thought this would end up being his life goal until he met Sally and the King’s (names changed for client confidentiality).

Sally was an elderly client that had called their company asking for a second opinion on a mouse problem she was facing. She had another exterminator come in after hearing a few noises at night while in bed. Previous exterminator had said yep looks like a lot of mice are up in your attic and here is our monthly plan at $100. Fast forward to when Bryant went out for his second opinion and lo and behold, there was no evidence of mice! He quickly snapped a few pictures for miss Sally as she couldn’t get up the ladder to see for herself, and told her to cancel all services with the previous company and there was no charge for him to come out as there was no issue for him to correct!

The Kings were in their 60’s and had called Bryant out to check for bedbugs. At the previous company, payment first-clients second was their standard. When he told the King’s how much it would be to correct the bedbug situation, they told him they couldn’t afford it because they were on monthly income that barely paid their needs, let alone a costly bedbug treatment. He unfortunately left and thought about how it could have gone for those clients.

When we started this company, Bryant’s first idea was how we could impact our community and surrounding areas. We started Phoenix Gives Back in response to that need! This program allows low or no income persons to receive low cost, no cost or monthly payments for NECESSARY treatments (bedbugs and roaches). Along with treatments at no cost, we also come alongside other local pest control companies to offer discounted services for cancer or long term medical patients, first responders, police and teachers.

Bryant and I are so glad to be a part of his community and look forward to the years to come! As always, thank you for supporting this family-owned and family-centered business!

If you know someone who is struggling with bedbugs or roaches and needs help, call or email us and we can get them set up with our Phoenix Gives Back scheduler! All treatments are confidential!

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