But I have dogs!

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

When it comes to pets, they are a top concern - even considered one of the family! As a pet owner, I feel this deeply! We care for our pets, love them, and provide a place with us in our homes.

Pest control and dogs

Some of the growing concerns we have heard are, “But I have dogs, will this affect them?” When you call Phoenix, you are calling for experience and knowledge about each and every product we use! We do yearly training to find out the safest and most effective products for our clients! That includes safety for your pets and children! As of right now, we offer minimal risk products that, once dry (around 15 minutes), provide maximum protection and minimum risk! We also offer an all organic option that may work better for your family!

Wildlife and dogs don’t mix

Wildlife is such an important and beautiful part of our lives, yet can be a huge issue when you have dogs! A lot of our calls start out as, “My dog found a den with babies, now what?” to “I have an aggressive raccoon that keeps trying to attack myself and my pets”. Both of these scenarios can be full of fear and concern to you, but it can be managed! Our goal is to not only protect your pooch, but also our wildlife!

If your pet finds a nest or den:

  • Keep them away from the area and place all viable babies back in the nest. During the day place a well-ventilated laundry basket to prevent them from wanting to play with the babies again. Remove before dusk so that the mother can get to them. YOU MAY NOT SEE ACTIVITY BUT DOES NOT MEAN THE PARENT IS NOT VISITING. Rabbits especially are notorious for leading us to believe that they have been abandoned!

  • Place dogs on a lead or leash til the babies are gone. This prevents your dog from getting to them and from a potential attack from a parent depending on what kind of animal you are dealing with!

If your wildlife critter likes to pick fights with your pet:

  • Keep your pet on a lead or leash. This prevents the critter from attacking and helps you keep an eye on the situation.

  • Call a trained professional to remove the issue pest, they could have babies as well, hence the violent action taken when a supposed threat comes near! This is a big reason why we always tell our clients to be very aware of the situation before trying to live trap themselves as we do get a lot of calls after they remove an adult stating there is a smell and it is a previous litter that did not survive.

As always, if you have a question or concern, you may call or text 317-563-3273

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