Where Are the Ants Marching, Marching from?

♫The ants go marching one by one...♫

That song sticks in my head still to this day. Ants are such a nuisance pest for anyone to have to deal with!

Here are some easy and quick tips to keep those ants marching another direction :

-Keep all sugars, flour, and other foods in sealed containers and off the floor.

-Put dog food in a sealed container or storage bin and put food away after meals

-Keep kitchen counters clutter free

-Inspect around windows and caulk any openings

-Inspect and seal around any doors, especially sliding doors with caulking

-Best "over the counter" options are terro ant bait

-Call Phoenix Pest to treat (all of our treatments come with a 30 day guarantee!)

REMEMBER: with most ant treatments, they will get worse before they get better. Expect to see more for around 7 days after starting any personal or professional treatments!

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